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How Did Baby Led Weaning Benefit Your Baby?

There are four questions left in the series. However, since the busy holidays are coming around, I would like to dedicate my time and energy on holiday posts and other seasonal tips and advice. Therefore, I have decided to combine the last four questions into two posts. In this post, I will show the results to questions seven: How did baby led weaning benefit your baby? Question eight: How does your child eat today? And question ten: If you had the option to do it again, or with your next child, would/will you do baby led weaning again? 

How Old Was Your Baby When You Started Baby Led Weaning?

As soon as he turned six months, he got to play around with all foods and textures and learned that food comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Now if I would have blended all of those foods into purees, Lennox would have never been able to differentiate the blended foods. I hypothesize that he would have preferred the consistency of purees and would have been more hesitant to try real food if we would have done traditional weaning.


I am very curious to hear other mama’s experience with BLW to see if they have had such great results as Lennox and I. Therefore, I have compiled a series 10 questions that I would love to hear the answers for. I will post the results to each answer once a month. Below is the schedule of the dates the questions will post.. Subscribe to our e-mail list for notifications on each question and blog updates.

Baby Led Weaning: What is it and Why is it worth it?

First things first, the word weaning is misleading. It does not mean the elimination of breastmilk/formula but rather the addition of solid foods to your already established milk schedule. Traditional weaning is when you supplement your baby with puréed foods and gradually advance to solid foods as your baby develops. In most cases, the purees are fed to the baby by a parent or guardian. Baby led weaning, on the other hand, is weaning LED by the baby. Read more here.