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The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist Series III: Baby Carrying and Playing Gear

The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist Series III: Baby Carrying and Playing Gear

Welcome Back to The Ultimate Baby Shower Registry Checklist with a Free Printable Series III: Carrying and Playing Gear. Thank you so much for being patient with my slow delivery of this series. I was hoping to publish a lot quicker than I have, but unfortunately a sick and teething toddler equals absolutely no productivity on mom’s behalf. My apologies. In this series you will find all the essential carrying items (car seat, stroller, baby wearing items) as well as play gear ( activity mats, walkers etc.). The items that are listed are products that I have personally owned and loved, or are items that my friends have had and that I have been extremely envious that I don’t have. If you haven’t already checked out the first two series, feeding items and sleeping items, please do and don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list below for your Free Printable of the Ultimate Baby Shower Registry Checklist.

The Ultimate Baby Shower Registry Check List Series:

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Series III: Carrying and Playing Gear

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Carrying and Playing Gear

This list includes all the essentials that you will need for the first year with your baby. Take note that the exact items that are linked in this post are items that I, or my friends, have had and LOVED. It is important to always do your own research to see which items will work best for your Family. Thanks for reading and enjoy =)

Price Range for Baby Registry Checklist

Carrying and Travel Items

Lennox in his Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Carseat

Lennox in his Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Carseat

  • Car seats:

    There are two different kinds of car seats that you can use from your baby’s birth: infant and convertible. Infant car seats have a base that is attached to your car and the actual car seat itself is portable. On the other hand, a convertible car seat can grow with your child into his toddler years. It is not meant to be taken in and out of the car. For more information on the difference between an infant and convertible car seat click here.

    • Infant Car Seat:

      • Britax B-Safe 35 $$$$

        This is the infant car seat we were gifted for our baby shower. It’s on the pricier side but it is extremely durable and nicely made. Also, the electric blue color is gorgeous. Lennox stayed in his infant car seat until 11 months old when we made the jump to the Graco Extend-2-Fit.

      • Extra Base $$ This is a must if your baby will be traveling in two different cars.

    • Convertible Car Seat (2): If your family has more than one car, it is convenient to have two separate convertible car seats as they are not portable like the infant car seats.

      • Graco Extend-2-Fit $$$$ This is a great car seat. It has two cup holders on each side where Lennox likes to stash his “for later” snacks. The head rest extends really high therefore it can grow with your baby. The fabric is removable which is a godsend once your baby becomes a toddler and purposely spills and crumbles everything they get ahold of. There is a leg-extension panel that allows your baby to rear-face longer and more comfortably. There is a 6 position recline and last but not least, the Extend-2-Fit is relatively compact which is perfect for small cars.

      • Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 $$$$ This was my second favorite convertible car seat but it wasn’t in stores when we made our purchase. The fabric is super soft and it can hold your child up until 85 pounds!

Ergobaby X Tula 180 Reversible Stroller Marigold (
  • Car seat Mirror $

  • Car Seat Organizer $

  • Car Window Sun Shade $

    Very important, especially with a convertible car seat. Most infant car seats have a cover that blocks the sun, but the convertible car seats do not. Lennox gets very angry when he is blinded by the sun.

  • Car Seat Toys $

    Stroller Recommendations

    Choosing your stroller will require some research. Which stroller Is the best fit for your lifestyle, which will fit in your car, what features do you want etc. Please do the research because you will be using this stroller for a couple years. I went with the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller. I could not love this stroller any more. Now, it is not cheap and I thought I was a tad crazy when I decided to buy this for myself, but it is worth every penny! Just because I have so many good things to say about the BOB’s functionality and the adventures my family have had thanks to this stroller, I will have to go into further details in a future post. Stay tuned =)

  • BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller $$$$

  • Ergobaby Travel System

    a more light-weight stroller alternative that includes an infant seat.

  • Summer Infant Convenience Stroller

    An umbrella stroller that does not take up nearly as much room as the BOB stroller in our trunk.


Stroller Accessories (These all are attachment for the BOB stroller)

Even though the BOB Stroller is relatively expensive, it still does not come with many features that other strollers might include. Here is a list of accessories to go along with the BOB.

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Baby Wearing

  • Boba Baby Wrap Carrier $

    For babies up to 35 lbs. We used the Boba Wrap when Lennox 0-4 months old. I loved how natural it felt when I wore it. There were no zippers or buckles causing discomfort. It is a little tricky to use when your first getting started. My recommendation is to watch tutorials on YouTube before you have your baby and practice with a stuffed animal or doll. Or if you want to get real practice for your soon-to-be squirmy-newborn, you could use a fur baby like I did, as you can see below. Featured: Dexter, the Serial Killer Yorkshire Terrier.

  • Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier

    Lennox was a big newborn, 9.4 lbs, and he packed the weight on fast. Thus, once he hit four months I felt more comfortable using my Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier. I had this carrier and also the Infantino Carrier and the Baby Bjorn was so much more comfortable. The cross-cross back straps really made the difference in bearing the extra weight.

  • Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling $$

    My friend gave me her beautiful aztec-looking Ring Sling when Lennox was a couple of months old. I loved it and was absolutely so jealous of all those hipster mamas baby-wearing with their ring slings. I wanted to use mine so bad, but by the time I tried to use it, Lennox was just not having it. So, so sad. However, I love the look of these and have only heard great things about it from mamas who have successfully used them.

Practice makes perfect! There are many ways to use the Boba wrap. Here I was watching Youtube tutorials and Dexter was my guinea pig!

Practice makes perfect! There are many ways to use the Boba wrap. Here I was watching Youtube tutorials and Dexter was my guinea pig!


Best Playing Gear

Toys that are WORTH it

“My kid won’t have toys” - pre-Lennox Lorena

No but really. I just purged a crap ton of toys that I never wanted to step foot in the house. Lennox could care LESS about toys, even when he was a baby. Babies don’t need toys! They need boxes, and door stoppers, and pots, and back scratches…okay you get the point. I’ll save my toy rant for another day. Seriously do your self a favor and Don’t add toys to your registry and if you feel compelled to do so, here is a small list of toys that entertained Lennox longer than a second. To this day he still only plays with soccer balls, cars and a flashlight. This is my opinion however, but if you love clutter and random toys everywhere, completely disregard my rant.

We hope you enjoyed series III of the Ultimate Baby Shower Registry Check List. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment if there is a must have that needs to be added to this list. Thanks for reading =)


Lorena and Lennox

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