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The Ultimate Baby Checklist Series IV: Cleansing, Caring, and Clothing Essentials

The Ultimate Baby Checklist Series IV: Cleansing, Caring, and Clothing Essentials

Welcome back to The Ultimate Baby Shower Registry Checklist with a Free Printable Series IV: Cleansing, Caring, and Clothing Essentials.  In this series, I mention some of the most forgotten items on a registry. These are also some of the most important items that you don't realize you need until you actually need them. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to receive your Free Registry Checklist Printable at the end of this series.  

The Ultimate Baby Shower Registry Check List Series:

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Series IV: Cleansing, Caring and Clothing Essentials

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This list includes all the essentials that you will need for the first year with your baby. Take note that the exact items that are linked in this post are items that I, or my friends, have had and LOVED. It is important always to do your research to see which things will work best for your Family. Thanks for reading and enjoy =)

Price Range for Baby Registry Checklist

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The ultimate list of bath essentials for your baby registry.png
  • Bath time cleaning items:

    • Boon Infant Bath Tub,Angel Care Baby Bath Support $ Here are two options for great infant bathtubs. We chose the Boon Infant Bath Tub. I liked this one because you can fill it up and let your baby soak in it. It has a drain to release the water when you are finished. Our sink was big enough so we would bathe Lennox in the sink to avoid bending over in the. Tub. The Angel Care Baby Bath Support was my next choice. It has a great grip to hold your infant and the water drains right through the holes. 

    • Aveeno Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo $

    • Shea Moisture Raw Shea & Argan Oil Baby Lotion $ This baby lotion smells fantastic, so much so that I would always use it myself!



Bath Toys

We didn't have this exact seat. We were handed down the bath seat featured in the picture below, but I believe it was recalled because the bottom of the seat didn't suction that well to the bathtub. This one, however, is very similar but has additional suction to the side of the bathtub.



  • Listed below is the amount of diapers you will need for each size and in each link is my diaper preference. In general, I loved Pampers, Seventh Generation, and Huggies. We tried a lot of other brands that we were gifted for our baby shower, but Lennox was very sensitive to them. I believe because they do not absorb the urine as well and it caused bad diaper rash.

    As for blowouts, Huggies and Seventh Generation worked best for us. They both have excellent elasticity around the waist that holds the poo in. 

    I recommend trying different types and putting a variety on your registry to see which works best for you!



  • Wipes

  • I am very picky about my wipes. My absolute favorites are WaterWipes but they are a bit pricey. My more affordable option, and what I am using today, are the Amazon Element Baby Wipes. Both of these wipes are very moist and thin. I found Huggies wipes to be too thick and Pampers too dry.


Diaper Rash Cream. Diaper rash cream is very important. Always apply it to your baby’s butt and genital area, even if there is not rash. This will prevent an an oncoming rash. Especially once they start eating solids.


I was given this diaper pail and I love it. Any type of bag works in it and it really keeps the stink out!

Caring Items- random items that you don’t know you’ll need until you need them:

·      Nail Kit$

·      Infant's Tylenol $

·      Infant’s Motrin $

·      Nosefrida the Snotsucker $

You will NEED this device when your baby gets his first cold to literally suck those nasty boogies out! 

·      Vicks Baby Rub Soothing Ointment$

I am a strong advocate of Vicks anything. When Lennox is sick, I rub Baby Vicks on his feet, back, and just under his nose to help his congestion. Make sure you do not use regular Vicks, it is extremely dangerous for your infant!!! Click here to read why.

·      Mother’s Bliss Probiotics $

If you read 5 Tips to Help Your Sensitive Sleeper Sleep Better, you know that I swear by probiotics. I still use them to this day. It helps keep Lennox’s bowel movements on a regular cycle and helps with colicky babies,

·      Mother’s Bliss Gripe Water $

Gripe Water is an herbal remedy available in liquid form. It is great for colic and soothing your baby. For more information click here .


  • ·      Mylicon Gas Relief Drops$

    Mylicon drops are used to relieve gas caused by extra air intakeHealthline.com goes more into details between the difference between gripe water and Mylicon Drops. 

    ·      Windi the Gaspasser $

    Okay, this item is so awesome but SO weird. If your baby seems to be really uncomfortable from gas, or his belly is hard, the Windi is what you need. You might feel really uncomfortable using this but it really works. It is a Swedish device that you insert into your baby’s butt. First, you want to massage your baby’s belly. Next, you want to do bicycle exercises with his legs to move the gas around. Then, you are going to raise his legs in the air and with a LUBRICATED (I used coconut oil) Windi, you are going to gently put the small end it into your baby's butt, as if you were checking his temperature with a thermometer. You will be surprised by the results.

    *Note: Do not put your head too close to your baby’s behind because you might find yourself covered in his poo. The first time that I did this with Lennox, a stream of baby poo streamed through the Windi and all over me. No joke! 

    Also, if you’re not getting any results, keep repeating the massaging, bicycle legs, and insertion of the Windi two, or three times, and move the Windi in small circles to release trapped gas. 

    This thing is an amazing invention since newborns do not know how to work their bowels and muscles quite yet


·      Babyganics Baby Sunscreen Lotion $

·      Babyganics Natural Insect Repellent $

·      Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer $

·      Vaseline or Aquaphor Healing Ointment $
Cradle Cap Brush $

Clothes Care

Babies have very sensitive skin. It is very important to wash their clothes before use, and to always use a baby laundry detergent to avoid and skin reactions. 

Clothing- The only clothing items you NEED to add to your registry

If you read the first post of this series, you know I made a huge mistake when compiling my registry. Many of the items were cute, well not so cute, baby clothes. You do not need to add clothes to your registry because it is only natural for all your family and friends to immediately go to the baby clothes section and buy your baby clothes. Also, you will be gifted a lot of clothing that does not correlate seasonally with your baby’s age and size. I would recommend waiting to see what people already buy for your baby shower and then buy your clothes yourself. Especially if you're having a girl. People LOVE to buy girls' clothing.

Clothing Essentials are listed below:

Gerber White Onesies $ in multiple sizes
White onesies are life! In my opinion, there is nothing cuter than a baby in a white onesie



  • Carter’s Socks $
    You will need lots of socks because you will lose lots of socks! Carters proved to be my favorite because they had better elasticity and stayed on Lennox’s feet. 

  • Mittens $
    One of the most forgotten items. Mittens are a must when your newborn comes our with talons for nails. Cover those bad boys up to avoid him scratching his face. 

  • Hats $

  • Swaddles $

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I think I added every possible cleansing, caring, and clothing accessory necessary for your registry. If I have forgotten anything please let me know. Don’t forget to subscribe for your Free Ultimate Baby Shower Registry Checklist Printable.


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