The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist Series V: Essentials for Momma and the Nursery

Welcome back to The Ultimate Baby Shower Registry Checklist with a Free Printable Series V: Essentials for Momma and the Nursery.  In this series, I mention items that are primarily for mama and also nursery decor. Thanks for reading this five-part series. Don’t forget to subscribe at the end of this post for your free Baby Shower Registry Free Printable!

The Ultimate Baby Shower Registry Check List Series:

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Series II: Sleeping Items

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Series V: For Mom and the Nursery

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This list includes all the essentials that you will need for the first year with your baby. Take note that the exact items that are linked in this post are items that I, or my friends, have had and LOVED. It is important always to do your research to see which things will work best for your Family. Thanks for reading and enjoy =)

Price Range for Baby Registry Checklist

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Postpartum Essentials for Mama

V. Essentials for Momma and the Nursery

Essentials for Mama

    • Yoga Ball  $

      A yoga ball is excellent not only during pregnancy for exercises and to induce labor, but also for after birth. I used my yoga ball for getting my sensitive sleeper to sleep, especially during the witching hour and in the middle of the night. I would swaddle him up and bounce him up and down!

    • Prenatals  $

      You should keep taking prenatals after birth to keep your milk supply going. Your nails and hairs will thank you also.

    • Upspring Baby Milkflow Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle Powder  $

    • Mother’s Milk Women’s Tea  $

      Both the Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle Powder and Mother’s Milk Women’s tea are great for milk production, and they’re quite tasty!

    • Diaper Bag  $+

      I was given the JuJuBe BFF Diaper bag for my baby shower.I didn't think anyone would spend that much money on me, but I am so glad they did. It is so spacious and has so many departments for all your necessities. It also cleans nicely, and you can stick it in the washing machine!!!

  • On Becoming Baby Wise book by Robert Bucknam  $

  • The Happiest Baby On the Block Book by Harvey Karp  $

    Both of the books listed above saved me in the newborn stage. I read them when I was pregnant, but I was always referencing them once Lennox was born.

  • Stretch mark cream  $

  • Nipple Cream  $

    Stretch mark and nipple cream are essentials for postpartum and when you’re breastfeeding. I didn’t link any brands because what worked best for me what Coconut oil.

  • Nursing Cover  $

    The nursing cover attached is not only a nursing cover but a car seat cover as well. It was so helpful during windy or cold days!

  • Keepsake Memory Book  $

    You don’t want to forget the date of all those milestones!

  • Washable Breast Pads  $

    If you’re OCD like me, don’t buy the plastic breast pads. You will find the trash everywhere. I went with the washable kind and would throw them in with my clothes whenever I got to laundry.

For the Nursery-


  • Changing Station and/or Dresser  $ $ +

    We were tight on space in our small apartment, so we skipped a changing station and instead put a changing pad right on top of a dresser we refinished for Lennox. It worked perfectly, and we saved a lot of space!

  • Changing pad  $

  • Changing pad covers  $

  • Diaper Pail  $ $

  • Diaper Caddy  $

  • Glider $$$

Sorry for the blurry picture. We are enjoying the rocking motion of the glider.

Sorry for the blurry picture. We are enjoying the rocking motion of the glider.

  • Monitor  $ $ $

  • Hangers  $

  • Blackout curtains  $

    An essential for your baby, especially if they are easily woken up by daylight.

  • Mesh Crib Bumper  $

    Make sure if you purchase a crib bumper to get one that is mesh. We didn’t use a bumper until Lennox was about 6 months for safety reasonswhen finally got one when his Soothie pacifiers kept falling out. 

  • Book case  $ $

  • Board books  $

  • Toy storage $

  • Outlet Covers $

  • Baby Gate $

    In my opinion, this is the most affordable baby gate, and I love that it opens up like a door. The door-feature is so helpful if you have animals, or you hate hurdling over a barrier every time you need to get through!

Lennox, being a ham as usual

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Lorena & Lennox

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