Lennox’s Seven Favorite Baby and Toddler Books in Spanish

Welcome back to Lorena & Lennox! The month of May has begun extremely busy for us thus far. We have been spring cleaning, gardening, getting preschool details in line for the fall, having play dates, among many other fun activities now that the sun is shining. It feels terrific to be getting some vitamin D and some long naps in from all the exertion ( well, for Lennox at least). However, we still try to schedule in at least 10 minutes a day to relax our brains and get our read on. 

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If you read my post 7 Ways That I Teach My Toddler Spanish as a Nonnative Speaker, then you know that Carlos and I only speak to Lennox in Spanish. We have tons of books that were given to us in English, and I try my best to translate them on the spot or make something up as we read along with the pages; however, this gets very exhausting. That’s why I prefer to read him our small, but growing, book collection in Spanish as much as I can. It helps me practice my Spanish, and I don’t have to force a translation.

I wanted to share some of our favorite books in Spanish because not only is it beneficial for your child to practice another language at such a young age, but it is also extremely beneficial for you, mom, dad or caretaker, as you can learn right alongside them.

I get the majority of my Spanish books from Amazon; however, we frequently make a special trip into Barnes & Noble’s where they have a pretty wide array of children’s Spanish books as well. I usually bring a few off of the shelf (often my childhood favorites) and allow Lennox to pick one new book to bring home. His most recent selection was La pequeña locomotora que sí pudo. Any guess what that could mean? Keep reading to find out!!!

Lennox reading before bedtime

1.    Primeras Cien Palabras

My First 100 Words

. Lennox was given this books at his baby shower, and it grew to be one of his favorites from when he was a few months old. He still enjoys bringing it out, and he points out all of the items in Spanish. His favorites are carro and pato

Sometimes I gather household items and/or toys that relate to the items in the book and we play a matching game as you can see featured below with animal puzzle pieces.

primeras cien palabras bilingual children's book. Spanish<>English

One of my favorite things about this book is that it doesn’t require much reading, but rather exploring. It’s also bilingual, so it’s an excellent resource for parents who also wan to learn Spanish. Hands down, the two best ways I have learned Spanish over the years is through children’s books and music. You’ve got this!!

2.  ¿Eres mi mamá? 

Are You My Mother?

Who didn’t love this book growing up? I know I did, and now as a mama myself, I relearned it in a new language!


3.   Dios te bendiga y buenas noches

Translation: God Bless You and Goodnight.

I would have to say this is Lennox’s favorite book. The pictures are so vibrant, and the words have a beautiful rhyme. I haven’t come across many Spanish books with a good rhyme, but this one is perfect. We even made a bedtime song out the words. Maybe one day I’ll embarrass myself and publish a YouTube video of us performing it. ha!


4.    ¡ Qué cosas dice mi abuela!

Translation: Things That My Grandma Says

This book reminds me so much of Lennox’s abuela and all of her beautiful wisdom. It’s about what Abuela says and offers popular Spanish refrains. One of my favorites shown below are “—El hablar bien poco cuesta. Tan importante es saber hablar como saber callar y escuchar.” My translation: —Talking is easy. Talking is important, but even more important is knowing how to be quiet and listen” . The pictures are also very eye-catching and entertain Lennox’s attention span for quite a bit.

¡Qué cosas dice mi abuela! Children's spanish book

This book is a little more advanced. I would say more for preschool or even elementary school, but hey, it’s never a bad idea to read more advanced books to your tot if they are paying attention, right?

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5.    La oruga muy hambrienta

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I unfortunately bought this version in English before I realized there was a Spanish version, and I don’t see the point of having two; however, I am sure it is just as great of a read in Spanish. One of our favorite ways to read this book was to point out the orugita (caterpillar). I sing to Lennox ¿Dónde está la oruguita? And he responds by saying “ahí ta “ (There it is).”


6.     Siempre te querré

 This book was one of my childhood favorites. I remember laughing at the little boy for unrolling the toilet paper, and now Lennox does the same. It is such a sweet story.

I turned the repetitive phrase in the book into a song that I sing to Lennox everynight before I kiss him and send him off into dreamland. 

“Para siempre te amaré, 
Para siempre te querré,
Mientras en mi haya vida, 
Siempre serás mi bebé”

“I’ll love you forever, 
I’ll like you for always,
As long as I’m living, 
My baby you’ll be”


7. La pequeña locomotor que sí pudo

Lennox is obsessed with carros and choo choos right now. On our last trip to Barnes & Nobles, he picked out this boo. Does it look familiar? The Little Engine That Could. You were right!! Pat on the back!  

I think I can, or pensé que sí podia, pensé que sí podía. Yes, you can! You can read to your child in Spanish. It will be an educational and bonding time for you and your baby!!

I hope you enjoyed Lennox’s seven favorite Spanish books thus far. We will be sharing more favorites shortly so stay tuned, and subscribe below to be the first to find out! I hope your babes enjoy these books because we sure have!

Have a beautiful day 


Lorena & Lennox

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