Ideas for a Soccer-Themed Birthday Party for Your One-Year-Old Boy

Welcome back to Lorena & Lennox! I have been excited to write this post about Lennox’s first birthday party, and now that the warm weather is here, I finally decided it was a perfect time. If you follow us on social media, you know that Lennox is a soccer fanatic. This boy will not leave the house unless he has a soccer ball in his arm. Forget a pleasant car ride unless a ball is in his lap.

If you read my Gender Reveal Partyor DIY Baby Shower centerpiecesposts, you know I love myself a good DIY. Thus, I was excited to start planning his birthday party ASAP, and what a better theme than his favorite thing in the world—soccer.

DIY Mason Jar Centerpieces For Your Baby Shower

Centerpieces can be expensive, especially if you have a lot of tables to decorate. At my baby shower, well Baby-Q, I had 12 tables, so, to save money I made my own centerpieces. Not only were they extremely affordable and fun to make, but they can be reused after the baby shower for personal in-home use or be gifted as favors for others to use in their homes.