Gender Reveal Party... on a Budget

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Gender reveal parties might not be for everyone. The stress of spending money on a party when you are about to bring a tiny human into the world can be daunting!

For me, at the beginning of my second trimester, I had just finished graduate school, and money was tight! However, with the support and encouragement of my sister, I was able to have a low-budget, and super fun gender reveal party for my first baby.

These pictures are not of the best quality, but our friends and family who came to celebrate with us enjoyed the decorations. Enjoy!


Nuts or No Nuts.

Which will your guests favor? This decoration is adorable for a gender reveal party. I attached cardstock to skewers, and there you have it! A super cheap easy treat for your guests.

Wear Your Guess: 

Place this guessing game right by your front door so that guests wear their gender prediction as soon as they walk in. Again, this is so simple and cheap to make! I ordered a pack of 50 clothespins from Amazon because I knew I could recycle for the baby shower or another craft idea. All you do is you paint the ends (where you squeeze the clothespin) blue and pink, and that's a wrap.

Gender reveal, wear your guess game. Pick which gender you think mama is going to have!


Since my reveal was in the winter, I got a pack of mini Cinnamon Fireball shots to warm everybody up. Also, Fireball is relatively cheap! We attached a personalized message with card stock and ribbon to each bottle.



Diaper Raffle:

Okay, this was my FAVORITE part of deciding to have a gender reveal party. We asked the guests coming to our party to bring a pack of diapers, and in turn, they could enter a prize raffle! Count me in.

So there are a lot of adorable raffle templates you can purchase, but why spend extra money when you can DIY? I cut card stock to make the raffle tickets, painted an old wipe box, and attached a "Diaper Raffle" sign.


The Raffle Gift

Most of my budget went to this gift, but I knew it would be well worth it. It is supposed to resemble a firework, or maybe a peacock? You decide. I attached a label that says "You won! Beware Baby making potion". Luckily my friend, Angie, who won the raffle doesn't want babies anytime soon, so she shared her baby making potion with everyone!


I'm glad I got to share a few of my favorite gender reveal items with you. I had a blast making them and, it didn't put a dent in my pocket. Also, I received a lot of diapers and enjoyed the company of my closest friends and family. Thank you for reading.


Lorena and Lennox

P.S Homemade baked goods are super easy to make and can reduce the budget for any party. Will post more about this another day!

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classic blue coupe die cast model

classic blue coupe die cast model


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