Ideas for a Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party with a Free Invitation

Welp, It happened. Lennox rawr’d into twohood this past Saturday. Reality has finally set in that my baby is now a little boy who can speak in sentences, count to twelve, and throw a tantrum like it’s his day job. Well, hello there, terrible-twos. I cannot wait to see what this year has in store.

If you have read some of my other celebration posts such as my DIY Gender Reveal Party…on a Budget, you know I love a reason for crafts and DIY; therefore, I was so excited to start planning for his dinosaur birthday party back in April! I always make sure I give myself a good two months to plan, and craft, however; I still find myself rushing to wrap up my never-ending list of ideas.

Anyways, here are my DIY, as well as not DIY, ideas for a dinosaur-themed birthday party. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe and fill out the form below for your free dinosaur birthday party invitation.

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1. The Invitation-

First things first, whenever I plan a party, my theme goes around the invitation. The color scheme, the saying, and most importantly, the theme. I created my own invitation that I would love to share with those of you who are interested. Spanish is optional, but you can pick your saying and alter your information. All you have to do is subscribe and fill out the form at the end of this post, and I will e-mail you back shortly to create your invitation. Delivery time is less than 72 hours. Don’t forget, wording and coloring can be changed =)

In English it would say Lennox, lets RAWRR for you, because you are turning two!!!

In English it would say Lennox, lets RAWRR for you, because you are turning two!!!


2. Decoration Inspiration

Once I had my invitation, I started going crazy planning my decorations. On one of my trips to Target, it was as if they knew exactly what I needed because right smack in the center of the store (thank you, no thank you Target, for all your awesomeness. You just want to see me poor, don’t you!!!!) was the Dinosaur Birthday Party Collection. I grabbed some items such as table clothes and plates and a banner but used this theme as my inspiration for my DIY crafts.

Here are the links for the exceptionally economic decorations I got from Target.

Dinosaur RAWR Banner

Dinosaur Table Cloths

Dinosaur Paper Plates

Dinosaur Balloon

Lennox's 2nd Dinosaur Birthday

3. DIY Décor

Thanks to the help of my friend, and her Silhouette Cutting Machine (I def need to get my own), we spent two nights creating our decorations.

a. Dinosaur signs

These were super fun to make because we involved Lennox. We took blank sheets of white cardstock, and let him go at them with Crayola Washable Paint. Then, we let them dry. Once they were cut out into dinosaur shapes. I attached the dinosaur cut-outs to skewers and used them as signs for the party. Below are some pictures, but some of the cute sayings I gathered together from Pinterest are:

For the favors:

“ Thank you for stomping by.”

“ Grab one before they go extinct.”

For the food:

“ Carnivores.”


“ Sweetivores”

“ Dinosaur eggs” (with grapes)

“ Dinosaur poop” (we used Maltballs)

“ Dig in” for utensils

For beverages

“Swamp water” for the kiddies, I used a green Gatorade.

“ Watering hole” adult juice. I made a Rosé Sangria yum.

Dinosaur signs

b. Leaf banner

We also found the perfect tropical leaves and made a banner and leaves for random décor around the house.

Dinosaur birthday party

c. Confetti

With the same leaf template, we cut many smaller sizes and sprinkled them on the table like confetti. Super cute touch. I hope someone noticed!

d. Goody bags

With a medium-sized version of the leaf template, I designed a simple, but adorable goody bag on plain brown paper bags.

The goody bags were a hit. I will be posting soon on what was inside our dinosaur goody bags!

Dinosaur goody bags

4. Dinosaur Photo Booth

I am a camera mama, and what better than to have a photo booth! At Lennox’s first soccer-themed birthday party the guests had so much fun with the photo props that I just had to do it again. I got these dinosaur photo booth props from Amazon here.

Dinosaur photo props

5. Centerpieces

This party was a lot smaller than our past parties, so I didn’t want to go all out making centerpieces. Therefore, I recycled our DIY mason jar centerpieces from Lennox’s baby shower. They were perfect for holding straws, utensils and our photo booth props.

Dinosaur Centerpieces/Photo Booth Props

6. Beverages

To keep going with the theme, I prepared a pitcher of “swamp water” for the kiddies. I used Sour Apple cool aid. For the adults, I created a “watering hole” out of Rosé Sangria. It was quite the hit if I must say so myself.

Dinosaur beverage

7. DIY Dinosaur Egg Piñata

Using Parties With a Cause’s genius blog post, Prehistoric Party-saurus DIY Dino Egg Piñata, I attempted to make my first piñata, and it did not turn out half bad. I did start a little later than I should have, (two days before the party) so I didn’t get the last coat of green on the dots of the egg; however, the piñata held up very well for the number of kids that gave it a whack. See for yourself below!

8. Food

Carlos (the hubby) is a chef, so I let him handle the food portion of the party. He made a typical Salvadoran dish called Pollo con Papas (potatoes and rice). As for side dishes, I provided a “carnivore’ section with hotdogs and hamburgers, a “herbivore section, with veggies and fruits, and a “sweetivore” section with homemade baked goods.

My homemade baked goods included cupcakes, because who doesn’t love cupcakes? I made Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing and sprinkles, and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing and crushed Oreos. On top, I place these adorable Dinosaur toppers from Amazon!

I also made Dirt, a classic and simple recipe of chocolate pudding, whipped cooler, layers of crushed Oreos, and worms. Nom Nom!

Dinosaur Dirt
Dinosaur cupcakes

9. The Dinosaur Cake

Last, but not least, the cake. This one I was not going to make myself because it is traditional in our Salvadoran household to have a tres leches cake. I have made one before, many years ago, but all I remember is that it took me forever, and it didn’t taste nearly as good as the Latin bakery where we got our cake.

They did a fantastic job, and the cake was to die for. I am so glad mad there was cake left over for me to eat the following days. =)

Dinosaur tres leches cake

I hope you enjoyed Lennox’s second dinosaur birthday party. Don’t forget to subscribe and fill out the form below to receive your free dinosaur birthday invitation!

Thank you again for reading and for all of our close friends and family for attending!


Lorena & Lennox

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