Ideas for a Soccer-Themed Birthday Party for Your One-Year-Old Boy

Welcome back to Lorena & Lennox! I have been excited to write this post about Lennox’s first birthday party, and now that the warm weather is here, I finally decided it was a perfect time. If you follow us on social media, you know that Lennox is a soccer fanatic. This boy will not leave the house unless he has a soccer ball in his arm. Forget a pleasant car ride unless a ball is in his lap.

If you read my Gender Reveal Party or DIY Baby Shower centerpieces posts, you know I love myself a good DIY. Thus, I was excited to start planning his birthday party ASAP, and what a better theme than his favorite thing in the world—soccer.

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Ideas for a Soccer-Themed Birthday Party for Your One-Year-Old Boy


Since Lennox has a June birthday, we picked an outdoor location that has a pavilion and two soccer fields. It is the same location where we did his baby shower, and I couldn’t wait to host his soccer-themed birthday party there again. It was the ideal location since we have a HUGE family (I kid you not, Lennox has 17 immediate cousins on his father side; Latinos rock!), and we also have a lot of friends. Check out this location, isn’t it just gorgeous?

Lennox's Soccer-themed first birthday party

The soccer fields were great entertainment for all the kids, and adults as well. There was also a playground for the kids’ entertainment.


Once I knew we were going to throw a soccer-themed party, I started searching Pinterest for the perfect invitation. You can find the downloadable invite here. Unlike his baby shower invites, I decided to keep it simple, and save money, so I created a Facebook event, and the invitation was the profile picture. Who cares about snail mail anymore. (Lies, I love snail mail, but hey, when you’re always throwing big parties, it’s just not logical to pay for printing and shipping).

Lennox's Soccer Birthday Invitation


Apart from the theme, the colors were the next step for deciding the rest of the party. White and black were shoe-ins, but then I decided on blue and green to add some pop to the party.

Therefore, I went searching around the town for economical party supplies. Below is a list of my party supplies and from where I got them:

Soccer-themed first birthday party decorations
Soccer-themed first birthday party decorations


I had so much fun making my DIY Mason Jar centerpieces for my baby shower that I wanted to make them again. This time it was a lot more complicated with a 10-month-old from when I was pregnant and nesting. Lennox was very interested in touching all of the jars, and paint. 

I love that the mason jars can be taken home as favors by the guests. First come first serve! I get so happy when I visit my family and friend’s and see these jars in their houses as flower pots, storage for pens/small items, etc..

At first, I thought these looked super easy to make, but they aren’t! I had a lot of trial and error with them. Thus, I will write a short post in the future on how to make them with ease. Feel free to reach out to me, or comment below for immediate recommendations!

Soccer Mason Jar Centerpieces

5.Monthly Pictures

I spent so many minutes of every month taking monthly photos, so why not display them? I printed Lennox’s monthly pictures in 5’7’, then attached blue and white card stock. Next, I wrote the corresponding months on the card stock in blue and green permanent maker. Lastly, I attached them to a blue ribbon with tape and hung them up above our welcome table! 

It was hard to get a good picture of them, thanks to the wind, but get the gist. Note: don’t make my mistake of hanging them backward =)

Excuse my dirty carpets =)

Excuse my dirty carpets =)


6. Lennox’s first birthday picture photo shoot

The morning before Lennox's party we went to a beautiful soccer field to capture some DIY first birthday pictures. I enlarged them into 8x10s, framed them, and displayed them at the welcome table. The only reason we took these images the day of the party was because we waited until the day before his birthday to get his hair cut (Lennox had long, gorgeous locks. We still mourn them to this day). Bonus before and after pics at the end =)

7. Food

Since Lennox is half-Salvadoran, we almost always have a Carne Asada (literal translation is roast). Below is a list of foods we served. Our closest family and friends also provided side dishes which was a big help—thank you loveys!

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·     Carne Asada- Fajita-type beef, cut very thin in a marinade and cooked all the way through. I will post about this soon in our recipe section under Lennox Eats.

·     Chimol- A Salvadoran resemblance of Pico de Gallo. It goes so well with the steak.

·     Rice

·     Homemade Tortillas

·     Chorizo 

·     Pollo Asado- Roasted Chicken

·     Ceviche

·     Baked Beans

·     Deviled Eggs

·     Hot dogs & Hamburgers for the kiddies

·     Taco Dip

Thanks Lizzy!

Thanks Lizzy!


Here are some of the deserts we had: 

·     Cupcakes

I found these adorable soccer cupcake rings on Amazon for $5.88 for 24 of them. I baked two batches of cupcakes, then made a homemade green icing. On half of the cupcakes, I smoothed the frosting on, and on the rest, I used a cake icing tool to make the icing look like grass. Then I popped the rings into the center. The kids loved these and took the rings home as favors!

Soccer-themed birthday cupcakes

·     Oreos

·     Tres Leches Cake

It’s not a Latino party without a tres leches cake or a sponge cake with three different types of milk; evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. It is complicated to make. I’ve tried once, and I will try again. This cake, however, was made from a small Salvadoran bakery. It turned out nice; yet, I’m not quite sure why they didn’t continue the cursive font through Lennox’s name. *Shrug*

Tres Leches Soccer Birthday Cake

8.The Mandatory Smash Cake

I am so thankful that one of my dear coworkers offered to make me this beautiful smash cake, free-of-charge, after I showed her my failed attempt at making one myself. Look how f****** gorgeous this is. Excuse my French, but this doesn’t even look like a cake. When I sat Lennox down in the highchair to eat it, he was so confused. He thought it was an actual soccer ball.

Lennox's first birthday smash cake
Lennox's first birthday, soccer-themed smash cake set up

Check this badass chica, and her cakes out on Instagram Cakes_From_Nicole

The bib Lennox is wearing is from Amazon. We used this bib after his party. It’s big and would catch all his food and saliva from teething! It’s also adorable!

9.DIY Card box

From lack of experience, at my baby shower I forgot a card box and afterwards my cards were all over the place. I would not forget it for his birthday party! I used the same design from the mason jars on a shoe box. It’s not Pinterest-perfect, but it’s cute, and got the job done!

DIY soccer-themed card box
DIY Soccer-themed card box

10.Welcome Stand

At the pavilion entrance, I created a picture stand that features two of the pictures we took the morning before the party. It included a photo album of all the images from Lennox's first year of life, as well as the goodie bags for the kids. Hanging above are Lennox’s monthly pictures! I sprinkled the table with soccer Hershey Kisses, which were also in the goodie bags.


11.Goodie Bags

Here is a list of items I had in my 60, yes 60 goodie bags. These bags were one of the most expensive and time-consuming factors of Lennox’s party. For this reason, Lennox will not have any more large birthday parties. I found items that weren’t expensive in cost, but unfortunately did add up due to the amount of goodie bags. I got the goodie bags themselves from Walmart, where they were super cheap; 12 for $1.79!

·     Soccer-labels for Hershey kisses

·     Soccer Super Balls

·     Lifesaver Mints

·     Soccer Key Chains

·     Soccer Whistles

·     Soccer Pencils

12.Soccer Photobooth Props

One of my favorite parts of the party was thesoccer photo booth props, everyone had a blast with them as you can see below.



Again, there’s no such thing as a Latino party without a piñata. I found this Piñata on Amazon. It worked just fine. However, I am excited to make my own piñata this year for Lennox’s second birthday party. Stay tuned =)

Here are some bonus pictures from before and after Lennox’s first birthday haircut.

Lennox before first birthday haircut

Lennox before first birthday haircut

Lennox before first birthday haircut

Lennox before first birthday haircut

If you can’t tell everyone had a blast. We also had a couple of adult-beverage game stations around our party since this big bash I was able to take part in the festivities because I wasn’t pregnant like during the baby shower.

I hope you enjoyed Lennox’s Soccer-Themed First Birthday Party. We sure did. Don’t forget to share for later and to follow us on social media to see all of our soccer fun and more =)

Thanks for reading as always.


Lorena & Lennox

Lorena & Lennox

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