20 Awesome Father’s Day Gifts for Under 50 Dollars

Can you believe its June already? ¡Christmas was six months ago! Holy guacamole time is flying. I have been so busy planning Lennox’s 2nd birthday that I almost forgot it’s Carlos’ birthday (tomorrow) and Father’s Day in two weeks! WTH!! So, I have been searching the web like a mad woman trying to find some great birthday and Father’s Day gifts. I have compiled a list of great finds for less than $50 that I thought I’d share.

Last Minute Mother’s Day Vouchers: The Perfect Gift from A Child to Her Mother

I created these cute little vouchers so that once a month, or however often you would like to use your mom-vouchers (there are 12) time stops just for you. Your child— most likely with the help of your partner, will cater to you and only you. You deserve this mama, and even though your manicure, blow out, laundry, etc. might now come out as you would prefer, enjoy the time your family is devoting to you, you hardworking, amazing mama!

11 St. Patrick’s Day Sensory and Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. It is one of my favorite holidays, well it used to be when I could go out and drink Irish Car Bombs all night. Now that I am a mom I definitely am not interested in going out, much less nursing a hangover with a toddler. Therefore, we have to celebrate in other ways. Below are 11 St. Patrick’s Day Sensory and Fine Motor Activities For Toddlers. Enjoy!

9 Valentine’s Day Sensory Activities and Crafts for Toddlers

I’m just going to throw this out there, Crafts with young toddlers is not easy. In fact, it’s messy, hectic and A LOT OF WORK, at least in my case with a busy-bodied, tantrum-throwing, strong-willed toddler who wants to do things his own way. That’s ok though, Lennox has a blast and hey, messes can be cleaned up and thank the heavens for wine, you deserve it.