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11 St. Patrick’s Day Sensory and Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

11 St. Patrick’s Day Sensory and Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

11 St. Patrick’s Day Sensory and Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. It is one of my favorite holidays, well it used to be when I could go out and drink Irish Car Bombs all night teehee. Now that I am a mom I definitely am not interested in going out, much less nursing a hangover with a toddler. Therefore, we have to celebrate in other ways. Below are 11 St. Patrick’s Day Sensory and Fine Motor Activities For Toddlers. Enjoy!

  1.  Sensory Hat- Learn about the color green

Toddlers learn at a super-fast pace. One of Lennox and I’s favorite activities is learning about different colors. There couldn’t be a better holiday to learn about colors than St. Patrick’s Day and green is the first color that comes to mind, hence we started our activity train talking about the color green. We don’t want our kids to get pinched so let’s teach ‘em young!

St. Patrick's Day Sensory Hat

Lennox and I went on a scavenger around the house and collected green items and put them in his Leprechaun hat. He had a blast making a mess with all these random items that he normally doesn’t play with for hours! One of his favorite green items that he found was a roll of green streamers left over from his first soccer-themed birthday party. He had a blast shredding it into pieces. He even let me wrap him up into a Leprechaun mummy!

St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Mummy

2.    Hand Painting- A Green Leaf Clover

Painting is messy, especially for toddlers, that’s why we kept it to a minimum during our St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Nonetheless, we played around in green washable Crayola paint for a bit and I even got a semi-decent looking keepsake out of it!


St. Patrick's Day Four Leaf Clover Hand Paint

3.    Read A St. Patrick’s Day Book

Reading is very important in our household. We try to go to Barnes and Nobles at least once a month and pick out fascinating books. Lennox picked out “The Itsy Bitsy Leprechaun” by Jeffery Burton. He was fascinated with all of the colors and animals in the book. After reading we decided to build our craft day around what we read in this book.

St Patrick's Day Book Read
“ The Itsy Bitsy Leprechaun ” By Jeffery Burton

The Itsy Bitsy Leprechaun” By Jeffery Burton

4. Learn About Rainbows

In “The Itsy Bitsy Leprechaun” Lennox and I talked about rainbows and the different colors in the rainbow. Since Lennox loves coloring so much, we decided to draw a rainbow with Crayola Washable Markers. Better said, I drew a rainbow while he watched and mimicked my actions on everything but the paper. #toddlerlife =) 


To clear up any confusion, on the paper it says arcoiris which is rainbow in Spanish. We speak to Lennox only in Spanish so he can master that language before he dives into English once he starts preschool in September. 

5.    Fruit Loop Sort

Another great way to learn about the rainbow is through Fruit Loops. Therefore, Lennox and Carlos (DH) sorted the Fruit Loops into color-coordinated piles. Lennox helped a little but was more interested in eating the Fruit Loops. 

6.    Fruit Loop Necklace

Once they were done sorting, Carlos took some yarn and helped Lennox string the yarn through the Fruit Loops. Lennox got a kick out of it. This is an excellent fine motor activity to do with your toddler. You can do it with plain cheerios to avoid the extra sugars.

7. Fruit Loop Rainbow

Now that Lennox was a pro at putting the fruit loops onto the string, we switched the string out for some pipe cleaners. Once the pipe cleaner was almost full, Carlos and Lennox put two marshmallows on each end and there you have it, a Fruit Loop rainbow.  Lennox spent the rest of the day snacking off his Fruit Loop necklace and rainbow.

Fruit Loop Rainbow

8.    Sensory St. Patrick’s Day Pudding

This was by far my favorite activity, most likely because I love vanilla pudding. For this craft you need 

·     Vanilla Pudding

·     Milk

·     Cool Whip

·     Green Food Coloring

·     Fruit Loops and/or Vanilla Wafers 

First, we took our packet of pudding and added milk as instructed. Lennox loved stirring the pudding. Then we added green food coloring. We let the pudding settle in the fridge for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, Lennox and I crushed up Vanilla Wafers and added them to the bottom of a bowl. Once the pudding was settled, we whisked the Cool Whip into the pudding. Then we added the rest of our left-over Fruit Loops and our Fruit Loop Rainbow. Not only did it look pretty, but it was delicious. 

9.     Sensory St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bottle Turned Snow Globe

We had a lot of trial and error with our Sensory Snow Globe. At first we added too many items. Then, we added sprinkles which just made the water turn an awkward light green color, then we added green food coloring which just made it too dark. Finally Carlos found the perfect concoction. The whole container of green sequins. That’s it, so simple. Lennox still plays with it to this day.  Every time he turns the bottle upside down, the sequins slowly fall to the other side. Lennox loved it.

10.    St. Patrick’s Day Window Clings

If you read our Valentine’s day post, you know Lennox and I love playing with stickers. It is an amazing fine motor activity for toddlers. For St. Patty’s Day, I found some really cool Window Clings. Lennox learned how to peel them off (he broke a good amount, but hey, more stickers and clean up!!!) and hang them up. He spent a good 30 minutes rearranging the stickers.

11.    What is St. Patrick’s Day?

Now that we had sensory, educational and fine motor play, the most important was teaching Lennox about what St. Patrick’s Day really is. I know it may sound silly since he’s so young, but children really process so much at this age and it’s important to always teach them. 

St. Patrick's Day

The true meaning of holidays tends to get lost behind all of the festivities. That’s why I took the opportunity to learn more myself and teach Lennox about what St. Patrick’s Day really is.  First, we took out an atlas and found Ireland. Then we talked about St. Patrick who is the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland and then we watched some YouTube videos about how the holiday has evolved in the U.S. He most likely didn’t grasp everything, but I want to make it a tradition in my family to teach about the true meaning behind every holiday. 

Thank you all for reading. We hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to follow us on social media for daily updates and activities!!


Lorena and Lennox

11 St. Patrick’s Day Sensory and Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers
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