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15 Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas for Toddler Boys

15 Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas for Toddler Boys

It is Lennox's second Easter, and I am so excited to see him open his Easter basket. I wish I would have taken more pictures from his first Easter. I did a lot of DIY Easter basket stuffers and the images I have do not serve them justice.  However, I did an adorable DIY photo shoot of him as a little Easter Bunny. The pictures turned out awesome! You can check out these pictures here.

This year, I didn’t do DIY Easter basket stuffers. Lennox is at the age now where he can start doing crafts and activities, so I wanted to focus my time on that. We will post this shortly.

I did all of my shopping at Amazon, TargetMichaels (the best place for Easter Basket Stuffers, super cute and unique) and Walmart. Here is what I put in Lennox's Easter basket. For the sake of this post, Lennox already got his Easter basket and gave me the toddler approval!!! Enjoy =)

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1.     Llama Wubbanub

The first thing I knew I wanted to get Lennox was a new Wubbanub. If you have read my Sleep Tips For Sensitive Sleepers post, you know I am the biggest fan of Wubbanubs. Also, last Easter I got him his ducky Wubbanub, and recently the pacifier part came off from the Ducky. He needed a replacement because he uses Wubbanubs as loveys and they help him teethe. Once I started browsing Amazon for a new one, I fell in love with this Llama Wubbanub.  Not only is it adorable, but it reminds me of South America which is relevant to Lennox’s bicultural life.

Lennox, Llama Wubbanub

2.     Duck Light Up Ball

Lennox loves this duck light up ball. Not only is it bouncy, but it lights up. It is a real toddler's dream. It is also very durable, thank the heavens, because my two Yorkshire Terriers have taken a significant interest in it too!!

Duck light up ball

3.     Duck Bath Toy

4.     Happy Easter, Little Critter by Mercer Mayer

I had a hard time finding an Easter book in Spanish that I liked, so I went with Happy Easter, Little Critter by Mercer Mayer. Inside it has a lot of fun activities for your toddler to do. I’ll go into further detail in our future Easter Activities for Toddlers post.

Happy Easter, Little Critter

5.     Squishy Chick

6.     Bubbles

7.     The Classic Chocolate Easter Bunny

What is an Easter basket without the Classic Chocolate Easter bunny?  Lennox doesn’t get sweets all that often but I will not deprive him on the holidays. Indulge, my tiny human. 

8.     Wind up Plush Chick

9.     Duck Beanie Baby

I hate stuffed animals. I can't stand them. They take up so much space, and they hardly get any attention. I just threw out a whole bag full of stuffed animals. However, I do like Beanie babies and have a collection from when I was a child. Its small size makes it a perfect basket stuffer, and you won't get annoyed that it's taking up half of your living room!

10. Pez

I honestly didn't even realize Pez candies were still around. I was ecstatic when I saw it at Walmart. It's a perfect stuffer and will also help your toddler with his fine-motor skills as he grasps the little candies. I would be extra careful if you have a younger toddler; this could be a choking hazard. I will make sure I monitor Lennox very carefully when he eats his Pez candies.

Pez Easter Stuffer

11.     Rainboots

The past couple of weeks it has been raining a lot here in Maryland. Thus, our backyard has been extremely muddy. Nonetheless, Lennox loves to tromp around outside so I figured I'd give him a pair of rainboots for Easter. April is the month of rain!

Easter Rainboots

12.     Mickey Bath Pouf

Lennox is a big boy now; I think it's time to transition from the baby washcloths. I saw this Mickey bath pouf in Walmart right now, and I thought it would be a great Easter basket stuffer!

Easter Basket Stuffer: Mickey Pouf
Easter Basket Stuffer: Mickey Pouf

13.     Sidewalk Chalk

I am proud to announce that Lennox no longer feels compelled to eat chalk or crayons. Well, for the most part. We got a solid 20 minutes of chalk time before it became chalk mealtime. Get this! This sidewalk chalk from Walmart was ONE DOLLAR!!! Amazing. It was a must have for our Easter basket. 

Easter Stuffer: Sidewalk Chalk
Easter Stuffer: Sidewalk chalk
Easter Stuffer

I don’t know about your toddler, but mine is obsessed with balls. This Velcro Catch Ball game brought me back to my childhood. I had to put it in his Easter basket. 

15.     Easter Ears

In my St. Patrick’s Day post, you can see that Lennox loves wearing holiday costume ears. I thought it would be appropriate to buy him some Easter ones. I can’t wait to get pictures of him in them when we hunt our Easter eggs. 

Well that was what Lennox got for Easter. In total, I spent around $50, twenty of which were on the boots. Not bad! It was worth all the fun he's had and is going to have with all his Easter items.

Comment below letting me know what are some of the items you put in your toddlers Easter basket? 

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What's in my toddler's easter basket?.png

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