9 Valentine’s Day Sensory Activities and Crafts for Toddlers

I’m just going to throw this out there; doing crafts with young toddlers is not easy. In fact, it’s messy, hectic and A LOT OF WORK. At least in my case with a busy-bodied, tantrum-throwing, strong-willed toddler who wants to do things his own way. That’s ok though, Lennox had a blast! Messes can be cleaned up. Thank the higher powers for wine, you deserve it.


Since Lennox is almost 20 months old (OMG will my baby be 2 in four months *cue the tears) we didn’t necessarily do crafts as much as learned about what Valentine’s day is in a messy, fun way. He did however help, well watch, his cousin Miles successfully do crafts. Next year we will attempt to accomplish real crafts when Lennox has a bigger attention span. Below you can find a list of 9 Valentine’s Day Sensorial Activities and Crafts for Toddlers.


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Educational Activities

  1. Learning about the colors of Valentine’s Day

We started working on colors a few weeks ago so I thought it was appropriate to introduce Valentine’s Day to Lennox by showing him the colors that represent it; pink and red. We went on a scavenger hunt throughout the house and grabbed items that were pink and red and talked about them.

Learning about Valentine's Day colors

2. Color Sorting

We then collected pink and red artifacts and created a sensory box that I brought out everyday for a week to let Lennox play with. Some days we practiced sorting the colors into two different piles. This was tricky for Lennox since pink and red are very similar but he enjoyed playing with items he cannot normally play with.

Valentine's Day Color sorting

One of the pink items we found were pink streamers from our gender reveal party. Lennox had so much fun throwing the streamers into the air, tearing them apart and taking them all throughout the house. I had a blast finding the streamers all over the house the following days. Where’s the wine?

Valentine's Day streamers
Valentine's Day streamers

Fine Motor Activities

3. Sticker Station

Lennox loves stickers and they are so good for fine motor skills. He still struggles with stickers but is getting better at picking them up the more we practice. We set up a sticker station and he practiced transferring the Valentine’s Day Stickers to a piece of paper. He also had a lot of fun sticking them on me and on himself as you can see below.

Sticker Sensory Valentine's Day activity for toddlers
Valentine's Day sticker station activity for toddlers


4. Sticky Note Heart

I placed sticky notes on the wall in the shape of a heart. Lennox loved taking the sticky notes down and putting them back up.

Valentine's Day stick note toddler activity

5. Fill in the hearts

I drew some hearts on blank paper and showed Lennox how to fill them in. His little hands worked hard to try to get color inside the heart.

Fill in the heart toddler activity


6. Crayola Washable Paint for hand and foot crafts

So this is where I had big ideas to create cute little Valentine’s hand and foot crafts. Well, it didn’t work. Lennox started screaming bloody murder when I tried to paint his feet so I didn’t want to traumatize him . However, he did have a blast playing in the paint and putting it all over himself. It’s completely washable so DON’T WORRY. Before beginning this project, I would suggest putting an old blanket or vinyl table cloth down to protect your surfaces. HE also painted his sticker page from his sticker station so at least I have some form of documentation to embarrass him with when he’s older!


Once he understood the paint wasn’t a threat, he did allow me to paint his foot, but it definitely was not Pinterest-worthy. Pinterest moms, please tell me how in the hell you manage to get such gorgeous toddler crafts. I’m dying to know! Below is a picture of my future Picasso!


7. Toilet-Paper-Hearts

I realized that the crafts that I had in mind for Lennox were not working out to my imagination, so we invited his older toddler cousin, Miles, to help us out. Lennox loved watching Miles execute the crafts and he helped out a little bit as well. The first one they did together was toilet-paper-hearts.

We took the toilet paper roll and formed one part of it into the shape of a heart. Then then dipped it into paint and transferred the shape of the heart to paper. Miles continued to add items to his artwork and it came out surprisingly good.

Toilet paper hearts craft
Valentine's Day toilet paper heart

8. Heart Caterpillars

This was fun for both Lennox and Miles. Miles helped cut out hearts from light-pink and dark-pink card-stock paper. He then helped Lennox alternate the colors to form a caterpillar, one of Lennox’s favorite insect. With heart stickers he made a face on the head of the heart caterpillar.


9. Heart Wreaths

This was all Miles. He took some cardboard and glued hearts around it and decorated it. It was quite creative. Lennox loved playing with all the craft materials and pretending to help Miles.

Valentine's Day crafts

We hope you enjoyed our Valentine’s Day Sensorial Craft and Activities session. We are always doing fun activities. Follow us on social media to see more of what we do!


Lorena and Lennox