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7 Easter Sensory & Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

7 Easter Sensory & Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

Hello everyone. Welcome back to Lorena & Lennox. This post is the last of our Easter trilogy. We have been having too much fun. In this post I go into detail of 7 Easter sensory and fine motor activities for Toddlers. I had drafted up a more extensive list of things that I wanted to do for Easter, now that Lennox loves doing crafts, but unfortunately, there's only so much time in each day. I hope you enjoy and get Easter inspired!

7 Easter Sensory and Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers.png

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  1. Peep's nest:

I don't know about you, but as a child, I loved baking. Lennox takes so much interest in helping me clean and cook that I thought it would be fun to do some sensory baking with him! 

The first baking activity we did was our peep's nest made out of Rice Krispy treats. Rice Krispy treats are super easy to make. We put a whole stick of butter into a pot on low heat and let the butter start to melt. Once the butter began to melt, we added an entire bag of marshmallows. When the marshmallows started to get soft, we stirred them with the butter, and once they melted, we added 6 cups of Rice Krispy treats. Afterall the ingredients were mixed, we added the Rice Krispy treats to a non-stick muffin pan. We let the Rice Krispy treats harden and then Lennox placed the Peeps into their Rice Krispy nests. 

Lennox baking for Easter
I placed the pot on the burner furthest away so that Lennox wouldn’t accidentally touch it.

I placed the pot on the burner furthest away so that Lennox wouldn’t accidentally touch it.

Lennox loved exploring with the stickiness of the Rice Krispy treats and licking the peeps which he did not care for all that much.

Monitoring your toddler around the stove top is crucial. I know it might seem dangerous that I am allowing him so close to the stove top, but I make sure that I am near him at all times and I talk to him about how hot the stove top is. 

Before this baking experience, Lennox would always try to open the oven or touch items on the stovetop, but now he points at it, and he says "hot, hot, hot." I think it's important to teach your children this at a young age to avoid future accidents.

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Lennox eating the left over Rice Krispy treats on his shirt

Lennox eating the left over Rice Krispy treats on his shirt


2. Sugar cookies aren't just for Santa Claus.

Our next baking activity was sugar cookies. Lennox loved making the cookies as well as making a big mess. 

We made the sugar cookies from scratch from this recipe.. We used cutting boards to do the rolling. Make sure you put flour not only on your surface but also on the roller when rolling out your dough. Next, we made our Easter shapes with these Easter cookie cutters, and I also used a knife to write out the words Easter and Pascua, Easter in Spanish. 

Easter sugar cookies

We placed them on a cooking sheet covered in Parchment paper and then put them in the oven for 4-7 minutes. I like my cookies soft, so we took them out shortly before the instructed baking time. 

The best part was next, the decorating. We made homemade icing and added 2-3 drops of food dye to turn our frosting into pastel Easter colors. 

Easter frosting

We took all of our ingredients outside since it was such a beautiful day, and to also avoid the toddler mess. Then we went at it. Lennox was confused at first but enjoyed making a mess on the cookies. I was shocked that he didn't try to eat the icing. Whenever we paint or draw, he always puts the utensils in his mouth, but he didn’t try to put the icing in his mouth at all, only the sprinkle. Toddlers are strange, aren't they? 

Lennox making Easter cookies
Easter Sugar cookies

What's Easter without an Easter Basket? Lennox got an exciting Easter basket this year, and he gave me the toddler approval! You can see what we put in his Easter basket here.

Toddler Easter Basket

4.    Little Critter Creativity

In his Easter basket, Lennox got the Happy Easter Little Critterby Mercer Mayer. I got this particular version from Barnes & Nobles. It comes included with Easter activities for your Toddler. One of those activities is a tear-out poster to put stickers on. If you have read my Toddler Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day posts, you know I am a strong advocate of stickers for toddler's fine motor skills. Check out how much fun Lennox had transferring the stickers to the poster and then learning how to say "pat, pat, pat" to put the sticker on the page.

5. Eggs, duh! 

I was hesitant to dye Easter eggs with Lennox because he is still a bit young, and dyes can get messy. However, when I saw this adorable Mickey Mouse Easter Egg Kit, I thought it would be perfect. To make it easy and mess-free, I did most of the dying, but Lennox helped me put stickers on the eggs and had fun placing the eggs onto the egg holder. A perfect introduction to a holiday tradition.

6. Easter Bunny Color Sort

I found these cute little Easter bunny marshmallows at Giant and thought they would be perfect for sorting. Lennox and I talked about the color of each bunny then sorted them into different Easter cups. 

Lennox- Easter sorting
Sensory scoop bin

7.   Easter scoop & toss sensory bin

Last but not least, the standard sensory bin. We added Marshmallows, peeps and little tiny chicks and Lennox had a free for all touching, tasting, smelling, scooping, throwing and making a huge mess with all these little pieces. Let’s just say I had a blast cleaning it all up =) Lennox’s fun was worth it. 

Easter Sensory Bin
Easter Sensory scoop bin

Well we’re pretty Easter’d out over here. We still have to hunt our eggs, but that we will save for Easter day. I saw the cutest Idea of attaching balloons to the eggs to make it a toddler-friendly hunt. I am very excited to try it out!!

Thanks for reading. I hope you have an exciting Easter like Lennox and I did =)



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