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Amazon Fall Fashion Finds for the Legging-Loving Mama

Amazon Fall Fashion Finds for the Legging-Loving Mama

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty darn excited for fall. Given that I am a year-round legging kind of gal, this is my season. No more worrying about what shorts will best cover up my mom pouch, if I shaved or not, or summer chaffing. Hello, glorious, infinite leggings, big sweaters, scarves, and fall activities. Yeah, that's right, and what better to get nitty-gritty with your fall activities than on the floor in comfortable leggings, and the cutest top and accessories to pair with? Okay, maybe it's only me that gets giddy over things like this, but hey, if you want to partake in my giddiness, I'll leave you with my list of adorable fall fashion finds for the legging wearing….anybody! Enjoy

Legging-Loving Shirts


I have a couple of these shirts in the short-sleeve style and I absolutely love them! They are lightweight, and comfortable. Also, My daily coffee stains wash out very nicely. Mom win!


I love me a little V-Kneck Tee. They are simple, perfect for leggings and accessories. Best of all, if you are heavy-chested like myself, they will accentuate your breasts.

I am very warm-blooded, so I make sure I always have a T-shirt on under a jacket, or if I wear a sweater, I omit the jacket. This, the V-kneck t-shirt is a staple for me if I want to go for a layered-look.


So-self-explanatory. Enough said.


Big, overflowing sweaters. Now we’re talking!


I have this in short-sleeve and I absolutely love it! It’s my wear-for-two (okay, maybe three) days kind-of-shirt, if you know what i’m talking about, mama. So excited to purchase the long-sleeve version for fall.


Hey there, mama bear, get ready for winter hibernation with this sweet sweater.



Vests are my go-to. They create the perfect layered look without making me overheat.


How adorable is this sleeveless cardigan sweater vest. Dress it up, or dress it down. It’s a win-win!


This puffy vest is perfect for me in the winter, but if fall gives you the chills, this would be a perfect solution.

The leggings

I don’t want to recommend many leggings here, because everyone woman has a different experience with different leggings. I have an endless number of leggings, but for some reason, there are only one or two pairs that I love so much that their lifespans are too short to be true. It is truly a tragedy. A first-world one at that. Who’s with me?

Seriously speaking, the leggings below are one of my: “I need to do laundry” pairs. These leggings have a thick waistband and just fit comfortably and snug, without showing all of the unnecessary goodies.



Quality and comfort are key for me when it comes to shoes. Every fall and winter, my go-to shoes are my Sperrys. I absolutely adore them and they last for so long. I have had my latest pair for almost four-years now. So worth the money.


Just in case you wanted to dress it up a bit… these are super cute.


Leggings, simple shirts, comfortable shoes and accessories, accessories and more accessories. Accessories are my jam,. Here is a list of my favorite fall finds below.

For when you need to give the leggings a break…

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Fall Fashion Finds For The Legging Loving Mama #fallfashion
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