Tips and Hacks to Make Your Baby’s Bath Time Experience Exciting From Birth

All children are different. Some children absolutely disguise water. My five-year-old nephew, for example, has always hated getting his head wet until recently, and I know for sure my SIL has always exposed him to lots of water activities. Regardless, I do recommend implementing an entertaining and sensory routine for your baby right out of the womb. This way, bathtime will be perceived as an exciting activity instead of a necessary task.

The Pros and Cons of Infant and Toddler Pacifier Use

Nonetheless, we have narrowed pacifier use to naptime, and bedtime. At night, Lennox asks to be put into his crib ready to love all over his Wubbanubs. Nighttime pacifier use is something we are prepared to break after he turns two. 

Lennox, and I obviously have a strong attachment to his pacis, so I wanted to mention the pros and cons of infant and toddler pacifier use.

11 Solutions and Remedies for Reflux in Infants. Help Your Baby Spit Up Less and Sleep Longer

How do you know if your baby has reflux? In my case, for instance, ever since I brought Lennox home from the hospital, his spit up became my new perfume. It was non-stop and it wasn’t necessarily after a feeding either. Sometimes he would wake up from a nap and immediately spit up. It got to the point where I always draped a receiving blanket over top of me every time I was holding him. Read more here.