9 Hacks To Alleviate Infant and Toddler Teething Pain

Well, we’re back at it! Lennox must be getting his last set of molars, or so I hope they’re the final set. The drooling, multiple night wake ups and fussiness is back! I thought it would be appropriate to send off our terrible teething times with a list of # natural remedies to alleviate infant and toddler teething pain.

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The Pros and Cons of Infant and Toddler Pacifier Use

Nonetheless, we have narrowed pacifier use to naptime, and bedtime. At night, Lennox asks to be put into his crib ready to love all over his Wubbanubs. Nighttime pacifier use is something we are prepared to break after he turns two. 

Lennox, and I obviously have a strong attachment to his pacis, so I wanted to mention the pros and cons of infant and toddler pacifier use.

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11 Solutions and Remedies for Reflux in Infants. Help Your Baby Spit Up Less and Sleep Longer

How do you know if your baby has reflux? In my case, for instance, ever since I brought Lennox home from the hospital, his spit up became my new perfume. It was non-stop and it wasn’t necessarily after a feeding either. Sometimes he would wake up from a nap and immediately spit up. It got to the point where I always draped a receiving blanket over top of me every time I was holding him. Read more here.

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5 Tips to help your sensitive-sleeper sleep better

It’s these times like tonight where I put Lennox to bed at 8 and he was up crying by 10 that I have to remember that Lennox is a sensitive sleeper. Regardless of what might be the reason waking him up; teeth, overstimulation, fever etc., I have to stick to my basics.

Below are some important tips to follow to help your sensitive sleeper sleep better.

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