9 Hacks To Alleviate Infant and Toddler Teething Pain

Well, we’re back at it! Lennox must be getting his last set of molars, or so I hope they’re the final set. The drooling, multiple night wake ups, and fussiness is back! I thought it would be appropriate to send off our terrible teething tales with a list of 9 hacks to alleviate infant and toddler teething pain.

Infant and Toddler Teething Hacks

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1.    Breastmilk/formula popsicles 

If your baby hasn’t started solids yet, this is an awesome teething remedy. I breastfed so I took some of my pumped milk and stored it in ice cube trays. Once they were frozen, I put them into the Boon Infant Feeder shown below. 

Lennox not only enjoyed his milk in a different consistency, but the cold felt nice on his teeth.


2.    Frozen Homemade Puree Popsicles

Once we introduced purees to Lennox,  one of my favorite techniques was to freeze some of the few homemade purees that I made for him; Apple, carrot, sweet potato, etc. This allowed Lennox to gnaw away while exploring with the tastes of new foods. 


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3.    Frozen fruits

Put some frozen strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, anything you desire into these mesh feeders and let your chomper chomp away. Just make sure to put your baby in a high chair or area you don’t mind getting dirty. All of my experience with frozen fruit has resulted in stains. 

4.    Veggies!!!
Celery, Cucumber, Corn, or Carrot stick

We did baby led weaning with Lennox; thus, I felt comfortable giving him sliced celery, cucumber, corn, and carrot sticks. Make sure you wash the vegetables, and you can even peel the skin off of them.  When Lennox was getting his first molars, I would freeze longer celery and cucumber sticks and watch Lennox go at these frozen vegetables. This causes a lot of drool, so don’t forget the bib to avoid a rash!

5.    Not-So-Ripe Cold Fruits:
Apples, Mango seeds, Nectarines, pears

Cold fruit, especially apples are a great teething resource, but according to Pediatric Dentistry, “Eating apples can help cleanse and clean teeth, and fight bad breath.” I remember when Lennox was getting his first molars, brushing his teeth became a battle; therefore, I would try to offer him apples as much as I could throughout the day, and at night try to brush his teeth as best as I could.

Not-so-ripe is key because it gives more friction for the baby’s chewing, easing the teething pain while applying a natural cold.

When Lennox teethes, we keep a basket full of non-ripe fruit for him.

When Lennox teethes, we keep a basket full of non-ripe fruit for him.

Teething hacks

6. Pacifier Icepop

Lennox always took to Advent Soothie pacifiers. I used to place water in the nipple of the pacifier and freeze it. Make sure you monitor your baby while he is using this teething method. You don’t want him to get the ice cube in his mouth once it has started to melt. 

Pacifier Teething Hack
Pacifier Teething Hack

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7. Homemade juice popsicles

I got this cute popsicle tray from Ikea for around $4.00. I keep them filled with 100% juices mixed with water or honest company juices. When I see Lennox drool or is extremely fussy, I offer one of these, and it calms him down for quite a while.

Teething hacks

8. Pedialyte Pops

Not only are these a household essential in case your baby gets sick, but they always are great teethers. Stick this in a mesh feeder, and your baby will happily gnaw away for a while!

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9. Chicken Bones

I know this might sound crazy, but chicken bones are great for teething babies. Makes sure is a durable piece of bone that way it doesn’t splinter, and keep a close eye on your baby/toddler. Do not leave them unattended bones, or any of the items listed above. 

Teething Hacks

Well, these were some of the natural home teething remedies that worked for Lennox, and we hope they work for you too because well, teething sucks!

I would love to hear what were some of your best teething remedies. Comment below! Don’t forget to follow us on social media for our daily updates and activities!

Thanks for reading!! 

Lorena & Lennox

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