20 Outdoor Toys That Will Keep Your Toddler Busy This Summer

Welcome back to Lorena & Lennox. We hope you are all having a great start to your summer! We sure have been, hence why we have been slackers on posting! Two weeks ago, we joined our town’s association composed of 23 pools and three gyms. Needless to say, we have hardly been home. It has been such a pleasure to be able to take Lennox to the pool while simultaneously getting a tan, and coming home to have Lennox take a long nap. I am not quite sure why we didn’t join sooner. 

Now that we are at the pool every day, I wonder how in the hell I kept Lennox entertained beforehand because as soon as the warm weather hit, it was impossible to keep him inside. We somehow made it work until the mosquitos started going crazy. 

Lennox pooltime

Toddler life is hard. They are demanding, tantrum-throwing creatures, so all we want to do as parents is keep them entertained, and stimulated. Having the right toys can really do the trick. Therefore, I wanted to share a list of some of our favorite outdoor products that keep our busy-bodied toddler entertained this summer. Now, toddlers are learning at a breakneck pace, and tend to mimic the activities and hobbies of their parents. Lennox favors soccer (from his dad) and gardening (from his mom). Your toddler might enjoy different activities he is exposed to; thus, I am providing a comprehensive list that can be tailored to your toddler’s liking. Enjoy!

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1.  Gardening tools

As I mentioned before, Lennox enjoys gardening. He sees me in my garden in the early mornings, and at dusk watering my plants. Together we talk with the flowers, explore their colors and sizes, etc. One of Lennox’s favorite things to do is water my garden. I can’t even touch the hose now because it’s his job.

Lennox gardening

2. The holy water table

If you do not own a water table, you have to buy one right now. These things are amazing. Your toddler will love playing and splashing in the water, and guess what? It can be used with other elements than just water. You can fill it up with sand, ice, animals, etc. This is inspiring me for a future post =)

3. Soccer Goal

Lennox loves soccer thanks to his Papi, who is also obsessed this sport. Together these two have spent never-ending hours kicking balls into this portable soccer goal. It is the perfect item to collapse and take with you to the beach, on camping trips, etc.

If soccer isn’t your toddler’s sport, below are a few more outdoor, toddler sports toys!

Here Lennox is kicking into his Franklin portable soccer goal

Here Lennox is kicking into his Franklin portable soccer goal


6. Basketball Set

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            7. Bubbles, Bubbles, and more bubbles.

I’m not going to lie; bubbles have been our jam this summer. I don’t know why but something about trying to blow a perfect, big, bubble sends me back to my childhood. I know they might be messy, and super irritating because most likely your toddler cannot blow his or her own bubbles quite yet, but when I say they have entertained me, I mean Lennox, for hours, I am not kidding! 

The link above is linked to a toddler-friendly bubble device, that allows them to dip their wand into the bubble mixture and press a button to get the bubbles to come out. This gives you, mama, a chance to take a big gulp of wine, and/or relax!

Lennox bubbles

8. Water Guns

What is more fun than squirting people with water? Once your toddler gets the fine-motor of squirting down, these toys will keep him entertained for quite a while. *Hack- squirt bottles are just as fun and are even easier for your toddler to use! A great way to involve them in gardening as well! 

       9. Little Tikes Coupe

Remember these push-your-self cars from when you were a child? I never had my own, but I remember going to preschool and always wanting first dibs! If your toddler is like mine—obsessed with cars— he will love this!


10. Lightening McQueen Racer Ride On

So, this is Lennox’s favorite indoor and outdoor car. He is always, let me repeat, always, on this car. If he’s not zooming around the house or trying to run over the dogs, he is using this car to follow behind me on my walks or taking it down hills. My little daredevil! See picture below! Note: don’t leave this toy outside, because it does have batteries.

Lennox McQueen Car

12. Toddler Trampoline

Does your toddler have an overwhelming amount of energy? What better to get it out then with a trampoline. 

13. Toddler Camping Set

I am so excited for Lennox to get a little older and to take him camping. I thought it would be a good idea to practice first, so I plan on doing a backyard camping outing soon (if the mosquitos ever chill out). Lennox can practice with this little setup!


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14.  Helping Hands Fine-Motor Tool Set

This tool set is great for developing your toddler’s fine-motor and is a perfect accompaniment for the water table.


15. Toss & Catch set  

            16. TOMY Tommies Pic & Pop

            17. Chalk

Once your toddler is past the fascination of eating chalk, chalk is a great way to keep your toddler busy outside. Lennox loves to draw on anything and everything, and as much as my OCD mom brain aches inside, I have to remind myself that it is washable, and can be cleaned up! They are only young once! #letthembelittle!

Lennox chalk

18. Water Blasters

Water blasters are  great outdoor toys. They help your toddler with their fine-motor,  coordination, and are super fun! They are great toys to bring to the pool or beach as well!



19. Intex Jungle Play Center Inflatable Pool

Don’t have access to a pool? No worries. Target has you covered with this awesome inflatable play center for your child. My sister gifted this to Lennox on his second birthday, and boy does he love it. The animals are not attached, so Lennox also has fun playing with them individually. Just make sure you store it on its side after every use (if you don’t want to deflate it each time) that way your precious grass doesn’t get ruined!

20. Toddler Mower

As I mentioned before, toddlers tend to imitate adults, and what is every adult doing in the summer? Mowing the grass. Lennox loves the mower his mom mom got him. He pretends he’s cutting the grass. He takes it on our walks and does the neighbors a favor by cutting their grass too. Ha!


Well, there you have it! A list of our 20 favorite outdoor toys to keep our toddler entertained. Although we are at the pool regularly nowadays, Lennox still makes time for all of these toys. Stay tuned for our toddler pool necessities post coming soon. 

Happy summer, everyone!!! Let us know some of your toddler’s favorite outdoor toys in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow us on social media to keep up with all of our summer outings!

Thank you,

Lorena & Lennox


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